We enjoy meeting people and we would love to share our French culture with you. We put our skills and our passions into offering you our best service by providing you with a high-quality program in the French language, thanks to interactive courses, diversified workshops that will provide a thorough discovery of the cultural wealth of our region and our country.

Franck, former journalist and globe-trotter

Passionate about all aspects of wine and winemaking, I worked as a journalist and photographer for the “La Revue des Vins de France.” I travelled across Mexico and the USA on bicycle for 3 months. I am a Globe-Trotter (Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Russia, Etc.) I like talking and meeting people from different cultures. I will be your personal guide, sharing my passion of wine, as well as help you to discover the richness and secrets of Bourgogne. Together, we will meet the inhabitants of the region, discover their lives, their customs, as well as their passions.

Céline professor and musician

I am a certified professor in the French Education System. I have been teaching for over 16 years. I give Literacy and French courses to foreigners who wish to learn or perfect their French skills. I am a musician (with a degree in guitar and the transverse flute), I also enjoy singing… and making people sing. I enjoy meeting people. I lived in Columbia for 16 months as well as discovering many different countries (Vietnam, Thailand, the USA, Peru, Jordan, Egypt, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Morocco, etc.) I have the experience and skills to help you progress quickly in French and the desire to help you discover our beautiful region.